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English-Hindi > capitation tax

capitation tax meaning in Hindi

capitation tax sentence in Hindi
1.Aistulf continued the policy of expansion and raids against the papacy and the capitation tax.

2.Unlike most other direct French taxes, nobles and clergy were not exempted from capitation taxes.

3.The capitation tax on Jews in Crimea was levied by the office of the uluhane in Bah�eseray.

4.At or near the outbreak of the Civil War, it also granted the king a graduated capitation tax.

5.Akin to the above-at any rate in its nature as a direct impost-was the poll or capitation tax.

6.The court also concluded that direct taxes, within the meaning of the Constitution, were only capitation taxes and taxes on real estate.

7.A series of poll and capitation taxes was imposed between 1689 and 1698 which were thereafter abandoned, being as unpopular as'hearth money '.

8.They were divided into clans, or tribes, governed by their respective heads, and had to pay the Romans a capitation tax of 2 shekels.

9.In " Springer ", the Court had held that direct taxes within the meaning of the Constitution were only capitation taxes and taxes on real estate.

10.Suffrage in the 44 rural constituencies was based on taxation-in Upper Burma voters had to pay household tax, whilst in Lower Burma they had to pay the married rate of capitation tax.

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