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castellated sentence in Hindi

"castellated" meaning in Hindicastellated in a sentence
  • The castellated rocks climb above the river with long talus slopes.
  • At the top is a castellated parapet with crocketed corner finials.
  • That house was in turn castellated gatehouse in the Hudson Highlands.
  • The springs were discovered by castellated appearance of the surrounding mountains.
  • The castellated building at Easton Lane is the Drill Hall of 1868.
  • The original church had a leaded roof with castellated wall.
  • The bulk of the castellated structure was then demolished by Parliamentarian troops.
  • The eastern pavilion has a three-story castellated bay.
  • The castellated bell tower was damaged in the 1968 cwt.
  • This is castellated with crocketted pinnacles and a central cross.
  • Additions were made in the late 18th century in a castellated style.
  • A castellated parapet runs between projecting gables at each end.
  • The octagonal castellated font is thought to be from the 15th century.
  • The castellated tower permits excellent views of the coastline, town and river.
  • A common application of this is when used to secure a castellated nut.
  • In about 1699 the property was enlarged into a three storey castellated house.
  • The annex is also an example of Castellated architecture.
  • He had it remodelled in a castellated Gothic style.
  • Beginning in 1818, it was redesigned in a castellated niches containing statues.
  • Byng Hall is a castellated 16th century manor house.
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