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caster sentence in Hindi

"caster" meaning in Hindicaster in a sentence
  • Jan, a graceful and powerful caster, worked with Lucy.
  • She got a metal folding chair on casters, Manuel said.
  • Kick the 14-inch stool and it rolls on casters.
  • Some new refrigerators have built-in casters, or sliders.
  • Caster knows that helping a distant elder can be especially trying.
  • The motivation of the caster affects a curse's result.
  • Yukes are powerful magic casters, but are weak physical attackers.
  • Spells first drain the caster's stamina and then health.
  • Like wizards, druids gain Ritual Caster as a bonus feat.
  • The landing gear was tandem wheels, plus a tail caster.
  • Welsh cakes are served hot or cold dusted with caster sugar.
  • Caster Troy 23 : 00, 22 Jun 2005 ( UTC)
  • From that clay model a caster would generate a plaster model.
  • Late production pieces were equipped with caster wheels to ease manhandling.
  • Is the de Caster move official policy, or in error?
  • They were primarily used by alchemists, metal casters and mints.
  • He is married to Kathleen Caster and they have two children.
  • The tricycle landing gear is supplemented by a triple tail caster.
  • Because of her bravery, Caster ( formerly Lancer ) intervenes.
  • Fly casters sent bright green strands back and forth above the ponds.
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