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castigation sentence in Hindi

"castigation" meaning in Hindi
  • Those in the industry would take issue with that castigation.
  • So you have all of this castigation of the industry.
  • So does this self-indulgent self-castigation.
  • There would be no audience castigation or humiliation here.
  • They write me letters of insult and castigation.
  • This is the ultimate castigation an orthodox Hindu can mete out to a son.
  • I grant that the castigation factor has been ramped down to " callous ".
  • Local shame can undermine their authority a lot quicker than President Bush's castigations.
  • Later on, this type of financial castigation was used on several other rebellious newspapers.
  • Notably missing in his remarks to a Dutch television interviewer was the ritual castigation of Israel.
  • I have given myself a life sentence of remorse, shame, and self-castigation.
  • The castigation of choice is thug.
  • President Isaias Afewerki told the 1993 summit in a rare display of African self-castigation.
  • And now we have the very aggressive castigation of the speaker by a number of House members,
  • In earlier times, castigation specifically meant restoring one to a religiously pure state, called chastity.
  • However, the negotiations came to nothing, and led to Becket's castigation of Reginald.
  • What this entailed was the humiliation, public castigation and torture of all who questioned the leap.
  • The proposal drew castigation from officials of the agency trade group, the American Association of Advertising Agencies.
  • Likewise, Madonna's outrageous and occasionally crass behavior has immunized her in a way from public castigation.
  • Acquittal is the right decision, but Clinton must not go into history without a stinging castigation by the Senate.
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