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casting couch sentence in Hindi

"casting couch" meaning in Hindicasting couch in a sentence
  • He also took advantage of the casting couch to seduce women.
  • He has turned the movie itself into the casting couch.
  • Believe me, the casting couch is no myth ".
  • The English equivalent is probably the " casting couch ".
  • Some supporting roles are decided by auditions, others on the casting couch.
  • Then get home and hit the casting couch.
  • It's enough to make a producer miss the days of the casting couch.
  • Angel pulls out the figurative casting couch and tries to change Enrique's mind.
  • The casting director asks if he will do nudity, implying a casting couch scenario.
  • Some jobs in Hollywood I got by regular means, others it was the casting couch.
  • "There's no longer the casting couch that we used to hear about.
  • The fluffy casting couch awaits leggy blondes with absolutely nothing whatsoever on their resume, she warns.
  • Their hapless crusade includes humiliating flops on casting couches and reliance on funding that never comes through.
  • Barrett went on to become Roddenberry's wife . ( Talk about a cosmic casting couch !)
  • Halperin also explores the pornography industry, the Oscars, and the travails of the casting couch phenomenon.
  • She was saved from a would-be casting couch by Elizabeth, who seduced and turned her.
  • ITV created Casting Couch as a vehicle to showcase Mel and Sue's comedic talents as a duo.
  • To pursue her dream, she quits her job and has to undergo difficult situations including the casting couch.
  • He constantly worked for the SPREE magazine and performed in their stage play " Casting Couch ".
  • In her autobiography Goldie Hawn describes how Al Capp propositioned her on the casting couch and exposed himself to her.
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