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castigate sentence in Hindi

"castigate" meaning in Hindicastigate in a sentence
  • I'm the one who should be castigated ."
  • He castigated the college for " incredible excesses ."
  • Suddenly we turn around and castigate people for their immigrant status.
  • The decision was castigated by a leading foe of liquor commercials.
  • Lieberman was the latest among prominent Democrats to publicly castigate Clinton.
  • Indeed, Wertheimer uses terms like " castigated,"
  • Athletes would now be castigated if they glamorized cigarettes in interviews.
  • This boy was being castigated in a way that was incredible.
  • Shortly after Lott castigated Daschle, other House Republicans piled on.
  • Bush has been castigated by reporters for not being nuancal enough.
  • Human Rights Watch even castigated Czech police for participating in attacks.
  • Roco, meanwhile, castigated Ramos for his constant travels abroad.
  • Whoever wants to take advantage of this moment will be castigated,
  • He castigated some sections of his resistance front for lacking discipline.
  • Bush said frankly . " I'm not castigating.
  • He castigated the government for not admitting the military needs help.
  • Hindus were castigated as a " recalcitrant and hostile minority ".
  • That made Roy furious and he castigated Subbarao with harsh words.
  • Pudgenet refused mediation, and continued to castigate the mediator Jbolden1517.
  • It was similarly castigated in the broadsheets as'witless '.
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