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casting machine sentence in Hindi

"casting machine" meaning in Hindicasting machine in a sentence
  • It is here that the design of continuous casting machines may vary.
  • The first patented vacuum casting machine and process dates to 1879.
  • Commercial spin casting machines are available in two different types, front-loading and top-loading.
  • As a result, B�hler started designing and constructing its own die casting machines.
  • I just hope I don't run up against the casting machine.
  • There are thousands of pneumatic hot chamber die casting machines.
  • This describes a'curved apron'casting machine; vertical configurations are also used.
  • Some sixteen months later McLouth was operating a " straight stick " casting machine.
  • In 1950 John Guest had already developed his first prototype hollow pressure die-casting machine.
  • In June 2010 the installation began of the first continuous casting machine at the plant.
  • In a vertical casting machine, the strand stays vertical as it passes through the spray-chamber.
  • Casting machines may be either horizontal or vertical-axis.
  • She said the recently installed 3, 500-ton, high-pressure die casting machine is another illustration of flexible manufacturing.
  • A modified die casting machine is used to inject the semi-solid slurry into re-usable hardened steel dies.
  • Modern pig casting machines produce stick pigs, which break into smaller 4 10 kg piglets at discharge.
  • This is where today s Die Casting business unit originated, which sells cold-chamber die casting machines and systems.
  • The continuous casting machine it was brand new the same for the rotary forging machine for making the grinding balls.
  • With the location selected, the NCR issued orders for all of the equipment, including a furnace, stirrers and casting machines.
  • Molds in a curved apron casting machine can be straight or curved, depending on the basic design of the machine.
  • The cast metal from the twin-belt continuous casting machine is synchronized with, and directly fed into, a hot rolling mill.
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