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English-Hindi > charcoal drawing

charcoal drawing meaning in Hindi

charcoal drawing sentence in Hindi

चारकोल ड्राइंग
charcoal    लकड़ी का कोयला
drawing    चित्रकला
1.The earliest Mondrians in the show are three charcoal drawings from 1914.

2.A gallery of early charcoal drawings and watercolor nudes invites closer examination.

3.David Waldorf's small, febrile charcoal drawings have the sensitivity of seismographic charts.

4.But one set of charcoal drawings is particularly dear to Couturier's heart.

5.The animation was accompanied by charcoal drawings and prints of birds.

6.Approximately 100 years ago, they made charcoal drawings on the walls of caves.

7.She was particularly pleased by a charcoal drawing of her reading a book,

8.He also produced some charcoal drawings of trees and park-like country.

9.In pencil and charcoal drawings that he titled informally _ " Bad dream,"

10."' Charcoal drawings "'were exactly that : drawings executed with a piece of charcoal.

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