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charcoal grey sentence in Hindi

"charcoal grey" meaning in Hindicharcoal grey in a sentence
  • The juveniles are quite different, with charcoal grey upperparts and chestnut brown lowerparts.
  • Some colors are unique to 2006 : silver and charcoal grey.
  • Males develop a charcoal grey colouration and are highly hydroids and polychaete worms.
  • The yellow and charcoal grey have become standard BWBF set colours.
  • Fox's Chip Caray wore a charcoal grey suit to accent his brown pancake makeup.
  • The head in older females has a charcoal grey cap.
  • Some have been refurbished by TasRail receiving its new charcoal grey and yellow livery.
  • The forewings are charcoal grey with pale yellowish lines.
  • He wears a light blue shirt with an open collar and a charcoal grey jacket.
  • Healthy Haibane wings are charcoal grey rather than white, and are too small to be functional.
  • The ground colour of the forewings is a mixture of charcoal grey and silvery white scales.
  • Andreotti, in a charcoal grey suit, said in the courthouse coffee bar before going into the courtroom.
  • The ground colour of the forewings is silvery white with a fine suffusion of charcoal grey scales.
  • The colors used were charcoal grey, a blue-grey and white to create a palette with glacial coloring.
  • In interior design, cool metallic colors including silver, gold, metallic blue, charcoal grey, and platinum tended to predominate.
  • The correct half galla, consists of the Herlovianerslips on the blue school shirt, charcoal grey pants and school blazer.
  • Others are very dark, black, or charcoal grey with dark faces and white only on the feet and tail tip.
  • Rakka reacts to Kuu's unexpected departure by becoming deeply depressed, and her charcoal grey wing feathers begin to turn black.
  • The new canvas is currently available in a black-charcoal grey-dove grey-white colour palette, and will shortly be available in other shades.
  • Stock rake machines with a stripped down look, often with flat or primer paints in charcoal grey, flat black, olive drab or brown.
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