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English-Hindi > charrette

charrette meaning in Hindi

charrette sentence in Hindi
1.GHP often utilizes a charrette process to expedite the design process.

2.The period of a charrette typically involves both focused and sustained effort.

3.There has been much local criticism of the Lochgelly Charrette.

4."Charrette " cleared assault on Cape Gloucester 26 December.

5.In 2012, another lineup change brought Nick Charrette in to play bass.

6.Charrette added game design and sculpting to his repertoire.

7.Charrette had quickly become an integral member of FASA's creative team.

8.During the charrette, gospel music was performed.

9.Among these sets were Charrette's popular " Fangs of Fury"

10.All illustrations in the original boxed set are copyright by Robert N . Charrette.

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