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English-Hindi > charring

charring meaning in Hindi

charring sentence in Hindi
1.Guard against charring the wood, and do the work outside.

2.Charring indicated the bodies were set on fire, then buried.

3.The same effect, that of charring the gum, followed.

4.Charring had a special meaning under the common law of England.

5.Regulate the heat and rotate the chicken to avoid charring the skin.

6.If charring too fast, move to indirect heat to finish grilling.

7.Again some charring occurred, along with a small amount of flame.

8.A medium heat will give a nice caramelized flavor and look without charring.

9.It is one of the processes involved in charring wood, starting at.

10.Charring from the barn fire is still present on the inside roof beams.

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