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English-Hindi > chippy

chippy meaning in Hindi

chippy sentence in Hindi
1.Nilsson and Hedberg made this a better world for chippy Swedes.

2."I don't consider our team real chippy.

3.(beginitalic ) Zippy Chippy won a race after years of futility

4.And Zippy Chippy himself appeared on the pages of People magazine.

5.Finally, his owner found a race Zippy Chippy could win.

6.Eventually, Zippy Chippy was banned from competing at numerous tracks.

7.Chippy was born to Shaji and Thankam at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

8.Bryant believed it was okay if the locker room was chippy.

9.It was a chippy game with 5 yellow cards handed out.

10.Forgive the Chiefs if they were a little chippy before the game.

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