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English-Hindi > chippie

chippie meaning in Hindi

chippie sentence in Hindi
1.Is it possible that Batty and Chippie are a bit vain?

2.No, it was Tom who had a chippie on the side.

3.From 57 to 59 he was a chippie at Reas.

4.The Chippie Polar Cup is an international friendly tournament hosted in Curacao.

5.I think that Chippie could live without me, but Batty couldn't.

6.He instead spun right, settling for and missing an 8-foot chippie.

7.His brother, Chippie, headed the defense department's arms procurement program.

8.Batty and Chippie lounged nearby on couches covered in a practical fabric of Weimaraner gray.

9.Singers like Bertha " Chippie " Hill.

10.Chippie, however, is recognized by a man who bears a grudge against Granger.

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