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English-Hindi > chromas

chromas meaning in Hindi

chromas sentence in Hindi
1.Additional locations were often rendered using scale miniatures and chroma key.

2.This is because image compression algorithms also remove redundant chroma information.

3.Luma is roughly similar, but differs somewhat at high chroma.

4.It is the first Wiggles video to feature chroma key backgrounding.

5.The Chroma was one of the early microprocessor controlled analog synthesizers.

6.Richardson's main product is the diet supplement Ultra Chroma Slim.

7.In November, Judge Robert Grussing III ruled in favor of Chroma.

8.It is commonly used as a background for the chroma key technique.

9.Chroma was a technically sophisticated skinning program by Thematic Software.

10.Chroma defines the difference between a pure hue and a pure grey.

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