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English-Hindi > chromatic aberration

chromatic aberration meaning in Hindi

chromatic aberration sentence in Hindi

वर्ण विपथन
chromatic    वर्ण संबंधी
aberration    असामान्यता च्युति
1.However, chromatic aberrations remain resistant to these solutions in many practical applications.

2.Another more routinely used technique tests the subject's extent of chromatic aberration.

3.Photographic quality was considered excellent with some minor lens distortions and chromatic aberration.

4.I'm thinking it may be a chromatic aberration in my eyes.

5.The lens exhibits strong barrel distortion and chromatic aberration at the wide end.

6.Low dispersion glass may also be used to reduce chromatic aberration.

7.Many types of glass have been developed to reduce chromatic aberration.

8.Although there are no colors in the photograph, chromatic aberration will blur the image.

9.Maybe there's a lot of chromatic aberration at the corners, but that's usually fixable.

10.This reasoning works to discount chromatic aberration as the cause.

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an optical aberration in which the image has colored fringes

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