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commiserating sentence in Hindi

"commiserating" meaning in Hindi
  • The Clintons commiserated over lunch with the Blairs the next day.
  • We should've called each other to commiserate ."
  • "Summer drives me nuts, " he commiserated.
  • Christopher spent part of Wednesday morning commiserating with State Department staff.
  • They celebrate when the customers win and commiserate when they lose.
  • As he works, a neighbor woman walks over to commiserate.
  • Florida neighbors Mark O'Meara and Tiger Woods can commiserate.
  • We commiserated, and he told me not to lose heart,
  • I commiserate with my students struggling with Noah's story.
  • If Hamilton were alive today, he might commiserate with Clinton.
  • Brian Tobin, president of the International Tennis Federation, commiserated.
  • "Too many washings, " her neighbor commiserated.
  • I will celebrate your special occasions and commiserate with your troubles.
  • Both now stationed at Pearl Harbor, Danny and Evelyn commiserate.
  • Jaguar boss Niki Lauda commiserated with the English contingent at Nuerburgring.
  • Dru and Neil commiserated, and ended up falling in love.
  • He commiserates with the leather-lunged, short-fused Green.
  • And, yes, he even commiserates with the players.
  • Besides commiserating, patience seems to be the best remedy for fatigue.
  • I married them, buried them, commiserated with them.
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