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commiseration sentence in Hindi

"commiseration" meaning in Hindi
  • But if anything, the rally was more for commiseration than confrontation.
  • His every pout is a plea with us for commiseration.
  • Going through home construction or remodeling hell and need commiseration?
  • As it is, commiseration is often coupled with anger.
  • In the film Patricia Hearst drops in for some commiseration.
  • And to look for a little commiseration himself, perhaps.
  • In that spirit, here are stories of commiseration for people left behind.
  • Commiseration and minutes of silence abound, like rhetoric.
  • So WillE, it's you, with due commiserations to Tintin.
  • For women who have had abortions, the pope offers commiseration and hope for redemption.
  • But the celebration had become a commiseration.
  • Weep in commiseration there ( whack ).
  • Meanwhile from France coach Lemerre, there was commiseration for his side's fans.
  • In that way, whether it's in joy or commiseration, people are united.
  • And while Super Bowl champions hardly elicit much commiseration, the process has come under question.
  • But group commiseration, with people experiencing the same situation, can be a tremendous help.
  • In spite of his mother's commiseration, Thomas still feels as if he behaved badly.
  • The shops along narrow and winding High Street were either closed or open more for commiseration than commerce.
  • Girlfriends nodded in commiseration : " Oops ! poor you, you're drunk ."
  • "I have to offer my congratulations and commiserations to Sam Torrance, " said Montgomerie.
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