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English-Hindi > commonness

commonness meaning in Hindi

commonness sentence in Hindi
1.Too many antidotes  too much commonness, ostentation in that.

2.It undercuts the idea of emphasizing the commonness of our genetic legacy,

3.Alternative explanations involve dimensions like the easiness and commonness of the tasks.

4.One is what Kahn called " the commonness between men ."

5.:: Doesn't the relative commonness of homosexuality rule out genetics?

6.Anvils have since lost their former commonness, along with the smiths who used them.

7.The commonness of the practice leads me to question how many horrible cases are out there,

8.However, recent terrorist attacks in the United States have created an unprecedented commonness of purpose.

9.Commonness is closely related to abundance.

10.I know that Saddam Hussein is kind of like George Adams in the relative commonness department.

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sharing of common attributes
Synonyms: commonality,

ordinariness as a consequence of being frequent and commonplace
Synonyms: commonplaceness, everydayness,

the quality of lacking taste and refinement
Synonyms: coarseness, grossness, vulgarity, vulgarism, raunch,

the state of being that is commonly observed
Synonyms: expectedness,

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