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English-Hindi > commoner

commoner meaning in Hindi

commoner sentence in Hindi
1.We thought a commoner was a British subject without a title.

2.Michiko was the first commoner to marry into the imperial family.

3.They sit in the Lords alongside commoners given titles for life.

4.Also banished, were commoners and others opposed to Dutch rule.

5.Her bridegroom is a commoner, Raj Bahadur Singh, 29.

6.The snob does the acting and the commoner the music ".

7.The commoners were the owners of land in Killingworth and Longbenton.

8.He was demoted to commoner rank, and died soon thereafter.

9.He also exempted the Mongol commoners from taxation for two years.

10.Commoners might marry anyone, but nobles preferred to water buffaloes.

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a person who holds no title
Synonyms: common man, common person,

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