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English-Hindi > coping style

coping style meaning in Hindi

coping style sentence in Hindi

साधक शैली
coping    परछती मुंडेर
style    स्टाइल ढंग धूप घड़ी
1.This difference in coping style may account for the disparities within the literature.

2.It is important to be aware of an older patient or client s resources and coping styles.

3.Psychologists of religion have performed multiple studies to measure the positive and negative effects of this coping style.

4.Anxious and avoidant attachments to God and negative religious coping styles were positively correlated with depression, traumatic distress, and separation distress.

5.Psychological mechanisms have also been implicated, such as cognitive ( e . g . reasoning ) biases, emotional influences, coping style.

6.The authors concluded that parental meta-emotion philosophy styles can interact with a child s temperament and predict the adolescents coping styles.

7.Defensive pessimists, the researchers found, did well in the game when they prepared using imagery that mimicked their preferred coping style.

8.Aggression may occur in response to non-social as well as social factors, and can have a close relationship with stress coping style.

9.However, people have a tendency to respond to threats with a predominant coping style, in which they dismiss feelings, or manipulate the stressful situation.

10.Correlations between certain personality traits, higher levels of neuroticism, agreeableness, openness, and an avoidance-oriented coping style, appeared to be common in those with SAD.

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