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English-Hindi > copilot

copilot meaning in Hindi

copilot sentence in Hindi
1.It was not clear whether the pilot or copilot had survived.

2.Switzer, 40, is a Boeing 767 copilot and instructor.

3.His copilot, Chief Warrant Officer David Hilemon, was killed.

4.One pilot was killed and a surviving copilot was later repatriated.

5.His copilot was killed when the North shot down the chopper.

6.Mendoza said the pilot, copilot and two gunners were killed.

7.You must pull up ! " the copilot shouted desperately.

8.TBS television reported that the copilot landed the plane in Tokyo.

9.Pilot and copilot eject, but four other crew are killed.

10.His frequent copilot was his French Poodle, " Jamie ".

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a relief pilot on an airplane
Synonyms: co-pilot,

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