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English-Hindi > copyright work

copyright work meaning in Hindi

copyright work sentence in Hindi

• कॉपीराइट रचना
• स्वत्वाधिकृत रचना
copyright    मुद्राधिकार
work    ग्रंथ अनुशीलन
1.JACAP maximizes the income of primary rights holders from licensing copyright works.

2.:I don't think you understand how copyright works on Wikipedia at all.

3.File swapping of copyright works, though illegal, knows no geographic boundaries.

4.There is a significant market in new editions of out of copyright works.

5."You don't have a first amendment right to steal copyright works,"

6.Patel ordered Napster to remove copyright works and a federal appeals panel agreed.

7.I can't believe I overlooked that, since copyright work is what I do here.

8.However, deliberate inclusion of a copyright work negates the exception.

9.At most, it could delay the removal of copyright works from the Napster site.

10.Entertainment companies have offered bogus versions of copyright works and sent online messages to users.

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