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English-Hindi > coquetry

coquetry meaning in Hindi

noun plural: coquetries   
coquetry sentence in Hindi
• नखरेबाज़ी
• नाज़नखरा
• शोख़ी

• चापल्य
• वैयारी
• हावभाव
1.The report stated that Djamilya's coquetry is unmatched and incomparable.

2."There is no coquetry and artifice, " she said.

3.This is no coquetry or game, as some try to depict this.

4.Opie wrote " The Dangers of Coquetry " at age 18.

5.Yet as an instrument of coquetry, it can fan the fires of passion.

6.My film is direct, without coquetry,

7.She knows the power of her coquetry.

8.The idea of Gertrude as a Merry Widow, alldecolletage and coquetry, had no standing.

9.The Countess must, in turn, has to correct her coquetry, her pride and feigned politeness.

10.As if to make up for such coquetry, Shyamalan plays much of the family's reaction for comedy.

playful behavior intended to arouse sexual interest
Synonyms: flirt, flirting, flirtation, dalliance, toying,

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