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coquet sentence in Hindi

"coquet" meaning in Hindi  
  • Warkworth Castle is built in a loop of the Coquet.
  • Three times a week this service extends up the Coquet Valley to Alwinton.
  • There are two bridges crossing the River Coquet.
  • Renwick was a large landowner and worked to conserve the Coquet Valley near his home.
  • However, the jig'Coquet Lights'is widely believed to be by him.
  • Coquet Lighthouse was built by Trinity House in 1841 at a cost of ?, 268.
  • Midfielders : Sonia Bompastor, Amelie Coquet, Virginie Dessalle, Severine Lecoufle, Sandrine Soubeyrand, Elodie Woock
  • In the 15th and 16th centuries the Coquet Valley was a pillaging ground for bands of Battle of Preston.
  • One of the murals he did in a private home was that of Benito Coquet, a public official.
  • The wall was built on shallow medieval foundations on alluvial sand and clay close to the tidal River Coquet.
  • About two miles further south is Shillmoor, where the Usway Burn meets its confluence with the River Coquet.
  • Hexham covered County Durham and the southern part of Northumberland up to the River Coquet and eastwards into the Pennines.
  • A dam was constructed on the River Coquet in 1776, causing problems for the river's salmon population.
  • On 24 December 1587 he was appointed ( with Patrick Bellenden of Evie ) Clerk of the Coquet of Edinburgh.
  • William's commission also included a survey of the border fortresses east to Harbottle Castle and the river Coquet.
  • The nearby Coquet Island is home to many varieties of nesting sea birds, including puffins and the rare Roseate tern.
  • There are several other pillboxes on the Coquet, although these were probably not built as part of the Stop Line.
  • In 1947, she was sold to Coquet Shipping Co, Newcastle upon Tyne and renamed " Coquetside ".
  • It is situated immediately to the north of the village of Warkworth on the A1068, separated from Warkworth by the river Coquet.
  • The school was formed in 2011 from the merger of Amble Middle School, Druridge Bay Community Middle School and Coquet High School.
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