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coquette sentence in Hindi

"coquette" meaning in Hindi  
  • There he encounters an alluring Coquette and an apparently spellbound Sleepwalker.
  • She is an incorrigible coquette and has a relish for flirtation.
  • He died in Marnes-la-Coquette, near Paris.
  • The series marks Coquette's first foray into game shows.
  • This time the girls are coquettes and Spanky winds up in drag.
  • Among the titles : " The Coquette,"
  • The colours permeate the senses with coquette interplay, and mesmeric effect.
  • Love me or hate me, the coquette says.
  • After the Schmitz Sisters disbanded, she and a sister formed the Coquettes.
  • Coquette, 1927, director, co-author.
  • He made his stage debut in London in the 1929 " Coquette ".
  • Coquette believes he has left for America without her.
  • Other offspring included Brown Betty, Coquette and Soreheels.
  • Women populate these famous images as heroines, victims and empty-headed coquettes.
  • The male tufted coquette is a striking bird.
  • It is only after her marriage to Tom that Coquette finally learns the truth.
  • Spears was more vampire slayer than coquette.
  • Her close friend Jennifer Aniston is Coco's ongoing business relationship in Coquette Productions.
  • She captured the schooner " Coquette " loaded with cotton on 26 January.
  • Winslet makes a maddening Sue, a coquette who doesn't seem interested in sex.
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