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English-Hindi > correctitude

correctitude meaning in Hindi

correctitude sentence in Hindi
1.In an age of political correctitude, they see the South as a sector with special dispensation, the errant but beguiling Other.

2.Long before the days of political correctitude cartoons were teaching children the difference between right and wrong, and that bad things sometimes happen to good people.

3.So those who contacted me to complain about the commission's political correctitude in " padding " the list with so many women get little sympathy here.

4.Southwest Elementary School, Lexington, N . C . : School had just begun when the bureaucrats of correctitude suspended first-grader Johnathan Prevette for kissing a girl classmate.

5.Mention politics today and the associations are with the WTO meeting, Hempfest, political correctitude and narrow civic involvement except for self-seekers and a small group of activists.

6.But he wouldn't mind another crack at playing Maximum Bob to the max, even if Bob doesn't set well with the pooh-bahs of political correctitude.

7.It is one of his texts, " B�chlein von der Fialen Gerechtigkeit " or " Booklet Concerning Pinnacle Correctitude, " that is sometimes credited with revealing the craft secrets of the German medieval master masons.

8.Although political jaundice shows through, his examples of sappy, soppy programming done to the specifications of political correctitude do invite kicking . ( Now, in the interests of perspective or just for penance, let him subject himself to a day of watching his favorite network or cable station .)

9.Known as the " Unterweisung " in German, Lechler's " Instructions " comes to us via a 16th-century notebook belonging to Jacob Feucht von Andernach, which also included a copy of Matth�us Roritzer's " Booklet Concerning Pinnacle Correctitude ".

10.It is a reminder of the fortunes that were made from the golden leaf in Virginia's capital in the 18th and 19th centuries and are now, at the close of the 20th, threatened by the battalions of politico-medical correctitude : politicians, health officials and a White House looking for a way to pay for health-care reform.

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correct or appropriate behavior
Synonyms: propriety, properness,

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