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English-Hindi > couching

couching meaning in Hindi

couching sentence in Hindi
1.Monday, he was still couching his mission in humanitarian terms.

2.The Baltimore Johnnies couching staff were affiliated with the Milwaukee Brewers.

3.They are the chain stitch, the buttonhole stitch and couching.

4.I think Albright made a big mistake couching it in these terms.

5.Hine has a knack for couching his apercus in clear, pithy language.

6.The bats blanket the trees and roof, sometimes couching one atop another.

7.He is hopeful, he says, couching his optimism with the usual caution.

8.Tippett said, couching Guerin's statement.

9.Commentators do the region an injustice by couching its miracle in economic terms alone.

10.Couching his ideas as " alternatives " and " possibilities,"

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