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English-Hindi > coudre

coudre meaning in Hindi

coudre sentence in Hindi
1.It consists of the village of Bonvillars and the settlements of La Coudre and Les Vullierens.

2.The municipality is located at the foot of the Jura Mountains at the sources and along the hamlets of Villars-Bozon, La Coudre, Les Mousses.

3.He is best known for his high speed solos, for which he has been nicknamed " la machine a coudre " ( " the sewing machine " ).

4.The smaller one contains the settlements of La Grande and La Petite Coudre and is entirely surrounded by the Canton of Vaud; it is thus, properly speaking, an exclave as well as an enclave.

5.Ramassant les nombreuses prostitu�es de Nantes, il les installe dans des b�timents conventuels d�saffect�s et leur demande, moyennant une nourriture qualifi�e par lui-m�me de " chiche ", de bien vouloir " coudre les culottes et les habits des d�fenseurs de la R�publique ".

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