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English-Hindi > cough

cough meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ kɔ:f ]  sound:  
verb past tense: coughed   verb past participle: coughed   noun plural: coughs   verb present participle: coughing   
cough sentence in Hindi
1.Due to cancer, he was spitting cough & blood with his saliva.
कैंसर के कारण गले में से थूंक रक्त कफ आदि निकलता था।

2.Due to cancer, saliva, blood, cough etc would ooze out from his throat.
कैंसर के कारण गले में से थूंक रक्त कफ आदि निकलता था।

3.Both diseases interfere with the oxygen supply through the blood and generally lead to coughing and breathlessness.
परन्तु आप अपनी स्वयं सहायता कर सकते हो।

4.Persistent cough - going on for more than three weeks Night sweats Weight loss High temperature
लगातार खांसी - जो तीन सप्ताहों से अधिक समय तक चलती है ।

5.The number of deaths form tuberculosis has been reduced dramatically and deaths form illness such as whooping cough or measles are very rare.
हृदय रोग से होने वाली मौतों में भी भारी कमी आयी है।

6.The tailor had a fit of coughing and Čepek knew what he meant ;
इस बीच दरज़ी को खाँसी का दौरा पड़ गया । चेपक इस खाँसी का अर्थ अच्छी तरह जानता है ;

7.Then she forced her cough a little more so that he should suffer from remorse just the same .
इस पर फूल ज़बर्दस्ती खाँसा ताकि छोटे राजकुमार को हर साल में पछतावा हो ।

8.Persistent cough Night sweats
लगातार खांसी ।

9.The flower coughed .
फूल खाँसा ।

10.The bacteria are spread when someone with TB of the lungs talks, coughs or sneezes.
फेफडों के टीबी के रोगी के बात करने से , या खांसने से या छींकने तक से यह जंतु हवा में फैल जाते है ।

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a sudden noisy expulsion of air from the lungs that clears the air passages; a common symptom of upper respiratory infection or bronchitis or pneumonia or tuberculosis
Synonyms: coughing,

exhale abruptly, as when one has a chest cold or congestion; "The smoker coughs all day"

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