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cringing sentence in Hindi

"cringing" meaning in Hindicringing in a sentence
  • Every time I go get my mail, I just cringe,
  • U . S . coach Don Nelson did little but cringe.
  • And every time he hears that, coach George Seifert cringes.
  • We cringe as we remember how we so unfairly characterized them.
  • She dreaded his scenes and cringed when she made a mistake.
  • Barkley thought of Dudley's jerky unorthodox delivery and cringed.
  • People cringe when you say " El Nino ."
  • Cringing, she left Seattle without asking why Grant was arrested.
  • I cringed in embarrassment at one juror's press conference.
  • Now he is in the majors and he is not cringing.
  • At the suggestion that his stonework is art, French cringes.
  • My mother cringed when I came home for Christmas that year.
  • Certainly, she has the power to make grown people cringe.
  • The excruciating funeral scene will have audiences simultaneously cringing and roaring.
  • Pettitte did a lot of grimacing and cringing on Sunday night.
  • Throw out some saris, and watch the Indian clients cringe.
  • When most coaches hear things like that, they usually cringe.
  • Making us laugh, making us think, making us cringe.
  • The idea of going down island to Edgartown makes him cringe.
  • I saw the result of that and it made me cringe.
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