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crinion sentence in Hindi

"crinion" meaning in Hindicrinion in a sentence
  • Crinion was able to greatly increase membership of the Amalgamation, and gained prominence in the wider trade union movement.
  • In later years, Crinion was known for stressing the importance of health and safety in cotton mills, particularly the need to reduce dust levels.
  • He retained his D�il seat at eight further general elections, switching to the 1973 general election, he lost his seat to his party colleague Brendan Crinion.
  • A farmer before entering politics, Crinion was first elected to D�il �ireann as a Fianna F�il TD for the nominated by the Taoiseach, Jack Lynch, to the 12th Seanad.
  • The Amalgamation was nearly bankrupted by a strike in 1893, but Crinion worked with its secretary, William Mullin, to rebuild it, and was rewarded in 1896, when he was elected as president.

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