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English-Hindi > cristal

cristal meaning in Hindi

cristal sentence in Hindi
• क्रिस्टल
1.Cristal is supposed to resemble a goddess when she does this.

2.Coach Paulo Autuori also will be without three starters against Cristal.

3.The team even fended off another free kick from Sporting Cristal.

4.Peru's Sporting Cristal leads the group with 10 points.

5.The cup of 1997 pitted Cruzeiro against Peruvian club Sporting Cristal.

6.For Cristal and Johnny, it is love at first sight.

7.Sporting Cristal changed its shirt color from blue to light blue.

8.The current champions are Sporting Cristal, winning their 18th championship.

9.They also adopted their daughter Cristal's son, Orion.

10.Alejandro pressures Lucia to get revenge on Cristal and Dona Enriqueta.

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