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English-Hindi > dab hand

dab hand meaning in Hindi

dab hand sentence in Hindi
dab    डैब मछली थपकी
hand    वश ओर सहायता कर
1.Unlike her predecessor, however, Mrs . Bush is a dab hand with the cookie-baking.

2.I found the culture fascinating and my husband was a dab hand at writing Jawi.

3.They should be dab hands with the diapers, and more in touch with their emotions.

4.Despite his admitted cowardice, Flashman is a dab hand at fighting when he has to.

5.But the Iraqis are dab hands at hiding their assets, as UNSCOM's inspectors have long complained.

6.A dab hand with sauces, Milne.

7.He is a dab hand at knowing his constituency's needs, serving his third term now as MP for Labis.

8.Off the field, he was no mean pianist, entertaining at many club socials, and was described as a " dab hand " at chess.

9.Companies like Serco, Working Links and G4S may not be very good at finding people suitable work, but they're dab hands at punishing them.

10.She gave a rare glimpse of relaxed domesticity last week when she watched her husband reveal himself as a dab hand with a spatula during a pancake-tossing contest.

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