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English-Hindi > dab

dab meaning in Hindi

dab sentence in Hindi
1.By running smack dab into " Big Country,"

2.Baker borrowed a few dabs of hand lotion at the time.

3.A dab of wasabi often glues the fish to the rice.

4.And with the delicate, bony sand dab, gentleness matters.

5.Next, dab on undiluted ammonia followed by undiluted white vinegar.

6.And I like a little vanilla and a dab of butter.

7.Season the sand dabs on both sides with salt and pepper.

8.But it soon ran smack-dab into the sexual revolution.

9.Many appliance repair dealers sell epoxy to dab on these chips.

10.Eat more garlic or dab a little citronella behind each ear.

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a light touch or stroke
Synonyms: tap, pat,

a small quantity of something moist or liquid; "a dab of paint"; "a splatter of mud"; "just a splash of whiskey"
Synonyms: splash, splatter,

hit lightly; "pat him on the shoulder"
Synonyms: pat,

apply (usually a liquid) to a surface; "dab the wall with paint"
Synonyms: swab, swob,

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