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English-Hindi > dabbed

dabbed meaning in Hindi

dabbed sentence in Hindi
1.Depressed and lonely, she dabbed her eyes as she spoke.

2.He dabbed at his eyes as he received a huge ovation.

3.Sands cried softly and dabbed at his eyes with a tissue.

4.He also dabbed the lips with an ashwood-colored powder.

5.In next box, actress Zoe Wanamaker dabbed at her eyes.

6.On the upper portion are branded curl designs dabbed with hematite.

7.At one point, Peterson dabbed his eyes with a tissue.

8.She bowed her head and dabbed at her eyes with a tissue.

9.Outside, Rakowitz dabbed at her mascara, tears falling.

10.Folks wore worried expressions and dabbed at their eyes throughout the day.

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