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English-Hindi > dactylus

dactylus meaning in Hindi

dactylus sentence in Hindi
1.In certain instances the dactylus, together with the propodus, form the claw.

2.In crustaceans, the dactylus is the seventh and terminal segment of their thoracic appendages.

3.The Greek and Latin words ???????? and " dactylus " are themselves dactyls ( and hence autological ).

4.The eight manus ( proximal part of the club ) and the dactylus ( distal part of the club ).

5.The claw of a lobster or crab is formed by the articulation of the dactylus against an outgrowth of the propodus.

6.The fixed finger ( pollex ) of the claw possesses a large tooth that fits into a groove in the movable finger ( dactylus ).

7.The other pereiopods are covered with rows of short stiff setae; the dactylus of each is black towards the tip, and ends in a sharp point.

8.The "'dactylus "'is the tip region of the tentacular club of cephalopods and of the leg of some crustaceans ( see arthropod leg ).

9.The first pereiopod is modified into a strong cheliped ( claw-bearing leg ) : the claw's fingers, the dactylus and propodus, are black at the tips.

10.""'Pterygia dactylus " "'is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Mitridae, the miters or miter snails.

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