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English-Hindi > dacus

dacus meaning in Hindi

dacus sentence in Hindi
1.The elder Dacus helped select the site of the current campus.

2.He hired the young, " modern style musician " Smoky Dacus.

3.Dacus departed from the band shortly after the album's release.

4.Since then, Dacus has served as the organization's president.

5.Donnie Dacus briefly replaced Ham on lead guitar in 1969.

6.Mr . Dacus was born March 15, 1923, in Fort Worth.

7.Dacus said Rivers should have quietly transferred to another school as a woman.

8.He was replaced by Donnie Dacus on this album.

9.Guitarist Donnie Dacus grew up in Cleburne, Texas.

10.Dacus also was in the lineup for " Chicago 13 ".

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