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daffy sentence in Hindi

"daffy" meaning in Hindi  
  • I took a lot of daffy, tough pictures that year,
  • I am seastruck, in need of a saltwater daffy fix.
  • Say, don't tell me I'm daffy,
  • (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird ), Rhino
  • Nothing would be worse than a world full of Daffy Ducks.
  • You have to have Bugs Bunny to truly love Daffy Duck.
  • If you think The Donald is daffy, try Michael Eisner.
  • Director John Rando knows how to harness Ives'daffy dementedness.
  • Daffy tries to play it but there is nothing but silence.
  • Daffy finally snaps and angrily demands that the animator reveal himself.
  • Yosemite Sam is one of Bugs and Daffy's neighbors.
  • They marked a return to prominence for fictional character Daffy Duck.
  • Winter approaches, and Daffy is beginning to lose his sanity.
  • Daffy finally goes completely insane, demanding " Shoot me again!
  • Daffy ignores Porky's statement until lightning destroys the umbrella.
  • Her most famous novelty number was " Daffy Over Taffy ".
  • Eager to see the incident's conclusion, Daffy follows.
  • Daffy proclaims " And one baby zebra ! " and faints.
  • When Daffy hears this, he gets stage fright and faints.
  • Daffy pretends to have been shot, but leaves the scene.
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