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English-Hindi > daffy

daffy meaning in Hindi

daffy sentence in Hindi
1.I took a lot of daffy, tough pictures that year,

2.I am seastruck, in need of a saltwater daffy fix.

3.Say, don't tell me I'm daffy,

4.(Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird ), Rhino

5.Nothing would be worse than a world full of Daffy Ducks.

6.You have to have Bugs Bunny to truly love Daffy Duck.

7.If you think The Donald is daffy, try Michael Eisner.

8.Director John Rando knows how to harness Ives'daffy dementedness.

9.Daffy tries to play it but there is nothing but silence.

10.Daffy finally snaps and angrily demands that the animator reveal himself.

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