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dairyman sentence in Hindi

"dairyman" meaning in Hindidairyman in a sentence
  • Whatcom County's Conservation District board is dominated by dairymen.
  • How have ranchers and dairymen reacted to all this new technology?
  • Children of the dairymen and some television celebrities joined the demonstrations.
  • He was also President of the Ontario Dairymen's Association.
  • El Paso dairymen exporting to Ciudad Juarez have had their trucks torched.
  • That same day, a letter arrived from that very Nashua dairyman.
  • Dairymen say all they want is a fair price for their milk.
  • Dairymen can't milk because their cows are stressed.
  • Western United Dairymen : http : / / www . westernuniteddairymen . com
  • The Dairyman's State Bank had started in 1914.
  • A dairyman's cooperative and three cheese factories opened.
  • Colorado's Western Dairymen Cooperative already mailed ballots to all its members.
  • Those founding dairymen no doubt would be amazed by what they saw today.
  • "Dairyman " are the predominant professions.
  • Prodi was scheduled to meet with dairymen's representatives in the evening.
  • He was also involved with the Wisconsin Dairymen Association.
  • No one keeps track of just how many Dutch dairymen have settled in Texas.
  • Testifying against McClendon's repeal bill were dairymen, cattlemen and agriculture groups.
  • Jim Oberweis, a millionaire dairyman with great name recognition from all that milk?
  • Archibald arranged for a Swiss dairyman, Ambrogio Gianone, to run the dairy.
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