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daises sentence in Hindi

"daises" meaning in Hindidaises in a sentence
  • His fellow finalists also deserve their places on the Heisman dais.
  • Vargas then knocked Thompson from the dais with a left hook.
  • Surrounding him on the dais were many lifelong friends and associates.
  • Finally, Hendra took to the dais to tell his story.
  • As the audience applauded, Davis sat impassively on the dais.
  • Vice President Dick Cheney also joined the president on the dais.
  • On the dais, his criticism of Vargas was more palatable.
  • Parks accused the Duvas of purposely leaving him off the dais.
  • They then descended from the dais and kissed their family members.
  • He shared the dais with West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadev Bhattacharya.
  • DAIS prohibits the use of this type of hard-coding.
  • Up The Creek, Rocking The Daises, and Splashy Fen.
  • Away from the dais, it was a different scene.
  • The only difference among the seats is their placement on the dais.
  • A crowd clamored toward Pitino as he stepped down from the dais.
  • He shared the dais with three American winemakers from California.
  • You could picture him on the dais of the Downtown Athletic Club.
  • Greenspan strode to the dais and a long standing ovation.
  • Mbeki, sitting on a dais surrounded by officials, listened intently.
  • Seated on the dais, Leahy watched himself on his wireless laptop.
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