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daisy wheel sentence in Hindi

"daisy wheel" meaning in Hindi  
  • The cheesy typewriters they make now use three daisy wheels a day.
  • Different typefaces and sizes can be used by replacing the daisy wheel.
  • My old well-made typewriter had one daisy wheel, which lasted 11 years.
  • Daisy wheel technology is now found only in some electronic typewriters.
  • Inkjet systems rapidly displaced dot matrix and daisy wheel printers from the market.
  • Even manual typewriters or daisy wheel printers could be used.
  • Daisy wheel printing was used in electronic typewriters, word processors and computers from 1972.
  • It supported many printers including those with Daisy wheels.
  • The " n " breaks off the daisy wheel.
  • I type a couple of sentences, and another $ 30 daisy wheel bites the dust.
  • Examples of these are daisy wheel printers, golf ball printers, teleprinters, chain printers, and band printers.
  • All these characters and symbols could be printed, unless the printer was a daisy wheel unit.
  • These daisy wheels are $ 30 apiece!
  • The daisy wheel is considered to be so named because of its resemblance to the daisy flower.
  • Xerox later adapted Diablo's daisy wheel technology into a typewriter that sold for less than $ 50.
  • IBM introduced the daisy wheel printer, introduced in 1969, offered comparable print quality at twice the speed.
  • Unfortunately for a typist ( in either role ), the daisy wheel mechanism hides the area just printed.
  • Daisy wheel printers were added to the line with a purchase of the business from Plessey in 1978.
  • There is a daisy wheel damper unit on the top to give air flow control and therefore temperature regulation.
  • This was an analogy of early mechanical printers which had fixed pitch ( teleprinters and daisy wheel printers, etc . ).
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