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dallier sentence in Hindi

"dallier" meaning in Hindi  
  • She continued to teach privately and to assist Dallier at the Conservatoire.
  • Before that he also studied with Henri Dallier and Charles-Marie Widor.
  • She was the student of Dallier and Gedalge Widor at the Paris Conservatory.
  • She was also appointed as assistant to Henri Dallier, the professor of harmony at the Conservatoire.
  • He succeeded Henri Dallier as organist of la Madeleine in 1935 and held that post until 1962.
  • During the Aulnay-Bondy T4 inauguration, Philippe Dallier, the Pavillons-sous-Bois mayor and Seine-Saint-Denis RN3.
  • "' Roger Dallier "'( 4 November 1919-29 September 1993 ) was a French assistant director and film director.
  • "' Philippe Dallier "'( born 8 December 1962 ) is a French politician, and a member of the Senate of France.
  • In 2009, after the recording of their first LP, Romain Dallier, who has recorded the Cello in it, join the band as a full-time member.
  • And, more than likely, Leconte and screenwriter Waterhouse intentionally wished to point out that these doomed dalliers were more twits than wits for whom cruelty had long ago replaced brilliance.
  • No, he's in a constant blue period _ one that another artistic dallier, Picasso, would have envied _ as he decorates the interior of his tender trap hidden away in the bushes.
  • The third day of swimming competition at these world championships brought no respite for dalliers, nor for the U . S . team and that formerly invincible Californian, Janet Evans, who finished fifth in the 400-meter freestyle.
  • The name of this statement is also used metaphorically for a problem or challenge which will separate the sure of mind from the simple, the fleet thinker from the slow, the determined from the dallier; to represent a critical test of ability or understanding .'
  • Mager also made important contributions to the trumpet literature through several editions of French solo works, including Guillaume Balay's " Petite Piece Concertante ", Henri Dallier's " Fete Joyeuse ", and Georges Hue's " Solo De Concert ".
  • Pierre Andr? G�rard Bailly, Philippe Bas, Christophe B�chu, Claude Belot, Jean Bizet, Pierre Bordier, Natacha Bouchart, Jo�l Bourdin, Marie-Th�r�se Brugui�re, Fran�ois-No�l Buffet, Christian Cambon Jean-No�l Cardoux, Caroline Cayeux, G�rard C�sar, Jean-Pierre Chauveau, Marcel-Pierre Cl�ach, Jean-Patrick Courtois, Philippe Dallier, Isabelle Debr? G�rard D�riot, Catherine Deroche, �ric Dolig? Michel Doublet, Marie-Annick Duch�ne, Louis Duvernois, Hubert Falco, Michel Fontaine, Bernard Fournier, Yann Gaillard, Ren?Garrec, Jacques Gautier, Colette Giudicelli, Alain Gournac, Francis Grignon, Fran�ois Grosdidier, Charles Guen? Pierre H�risson, Alain Houpert, Christiane Hummel, Chantal Jouanno, Christiane Kammermann, Fabienne Keller, �lisabeth Lamure, G�rard Larcher, Daniel Laurent, Jean-Ren?Lecerf, Jacques Legendre Dominique de Legge, Jean-Pierre Leleux, Jean-Claude Lenoir, G�rard Longuet, Roland du Luart, Alain Milon, Louis N�gre, Philippe Paul, Jackie Pierre, Fran�ois Pillet, Louis Pinton, R�my Pointereau, Christian Poncelet, Hugues Portelli, Sophie Primas, Catherine Procaccia, Henri de Raincourt, Andr?Reichardt, Bruno Retailleau, Michel Savin, Bruno Sido, Esther Sittler, Fran�ois Trucy, Jean-Pierre Vial.

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