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English-Hindi > dallier

dallier meaning in Hindi

dallier sentence in Hindi
1.She continued to teach privately and to assist Dallier at the Conservatoire.

2.Before that he also studied with Henri Dallier and Charles-Marie Widor.

3.She was the student of Dallier and Gedalge Widor at the Paris Conservatory.

4.She was also appointed as assistant to Henri Dallier, the professor of harmony at the Conservatoire.

5.He succeeded Henri Dallier as organist of la Madeleine in 1935 and held that post until 1962.

6.During the Aulnay-Bondy T4 inauguration, Philippe Dallier, the Pavillons-sous-Bois mayor and Seine-Saint-Denis RN3.

7."' Roger Dallier "'( 4 November 1919-29 September 1993 ) was a French assistant director and film director.

8."' Philippe Dallier "'( born 8 December 1962 ) is a French politician, and a member of the Senate of France.

9.In 2009, after the recording of their first LP, Romain Dallier, who has recorded the Cello in it, join the band as a full-time member.

10.And, more than likely, Leconte and screenwriter Waterhouse intentionally wished to point out that these doomed dalliers were more twits than wits for whom cruelty had long ago replaced brilliance.

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someone who wastes time
Synonyms: dillydallier, dilly-dallier, mope, lounger,

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