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dally with sentence in Hindi

"dally with" meaning in Hindi  
  • Physically, he feared Van Brocklin, who was not one to dally with.
  • In another, a black servant dallies with a rich young man.
  • When they break up, she dallies with the male nurse, her mother's lover.
  • After all, no sensible journalist would dally with Washington in lieu of Phoenix.
  • Both women, now in their seventies, hardly ever dally with emotions.
  • Instead she dallies with him and starts dating his new friend Ben behind his back.
  • The highly available gardener's daughter Barbarina actually prefers to dally with the fresh-faced page Cherubino.
  • Let others dally with the politics of authenticity.
  • After all, their peccadilloes were committed 200 years ago or more . ( Did Jefferson dally with a slave?
  • As the women interviewed noted, no woman lost a job because of her alleged refusal to dally with Clinton.
  • Romantically separated but both unwilling to give up the house, each dallies with a lover in a different wing.
  • In one gallery he dallies with old pals, hoking up Matisse's " Dancers " and depicting Picasso as spaghetti-brain-dominated.
  • It may be that users with the whole world at their fingertips will not choose to dally with their neighbors.
  • But there was more to it, he continued : Satanism dallies with supernatural beliefs that most atheists simply don't entertain.
  • Like those American career women today who studiously can't cook, some young Japanese women simply refuse to dally with buds.
  • In " Body of Evidence, " she caused audiences to wonder why Willem Dafoe would stray to dally with Madonna.
  • Predictably, after all this time as platonic pals, Sidney and Dre dally with romance on the eve of the wedding.
  • Is there anyone who believes his latest account, that he did dally with Ms . Flowers, but only one time?
  • Meanwhile, the leading man, Bob Barrenger ( Alec Baldwin ), dallies with Carla ( Julia Stiles ), a crafty local teen.
  • Beatty starred in and wrote " Bulworth, " the Oscar-nominated movie about a rap-singing 60-year-old senator who dallies with a 26-year-old woman.
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