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dalmatian sentence in Hindi

"dalmatian" meaning in Hindidalmatian in a sentence
  • How about " 101 Dalmatians " the Web site?
  • And " 101 Dalmatians " could be much bigger.
  • Upon exiting the theater, all I wanted was a Dalmatian.
  • The welfare of Dalmatians is the only thing in my heart.
  • Here is a woman who is quite literally dotty about Dalmatians.
  • Gloves come in fake leopard or Dalmatian ( $ 168 ).
  • In those movies about Dalmatians the dogs are cute and cuddly.
  • It's just like " 101 Dalmatians ."
  • So here we are in " 102 Dalmatians ."
  • Why do dalmatians run for cover every time they see her?
  • His father, a civil engineer, descended from Dalmatian royalty.
  • A Dalmatian ran alongside to protect the horses and the wagon.
  • Can you compare Dalmatians to any of your co-stars?
  • His version of the Donovan song " 101 Dalmatians ".
  • The Dalmatians were cut off from foreign supplies and were hungry.
  • In 1334 the abbey was sacked by Dalmatian pirates from Omia.
  • Until May 1991, Dalmatian HOS units were company-sized.
  • In the meantime, the Arabs were attacking the Dalmatian coast.
  • It is located on the Peljeaac peninsula on the Dalmatian coast.
  • He traveled around Dalmatian vineyards educating wine-growers on peronospora.
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