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English-Hindi > dally with

dally with meaning in Hindi

dally with sentence in Hindi
खिलवाड़ करना
dally    मन बहलाना व्यर्थ
with    के मामले में के
1.Physically, he feared Van Brocklin, who was not one to dally with.

2.In another, a black servant dallies with a rich young man.

3.When they break up, she dallies with the male nurse, her mother's lover.

4.After all, no sensible journalist would dally with Washington in lieu of Phoenix.

5.Both women, now in their seventies, hardly ever dally with emotions.

6.Instead she dallies with him and starts dating his new friend Ben behind his back.

7.The highly available gardener's daughter Barbarina actually prefers to dally with the fresh-faced page Cherubino.

8.Let others dally with the politics of authenticity.

9.After all, their peccadilloes were committed 200 years ago or more . ( Did Jefferson dally with a slave?

10.As the women interviewed noted, no woman lost a job because of her alleged refusal to dally with Clinton.

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