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English-Hindi > dalmatian

dalmatian meaning in Hindi

dalmatian sentence in Hindi
1.How about " 101 Dalmatians " the Web site?

2.And " 101 Dalmatians " could be much bigger.

3.Upon exiting the theater, all I wanted was a Dalmatian.

4.The welfare of Dalmatians is the only thing in my heart.

5.Here is a woman who is quite literally dotty about Dalmatians.

6.Gloves come in fake leopard or Dalmatian ( $ 168 ).

7.In those movies about Dalmatians the dogs are cute and cuddly.

8.It's just like " 101 Dalmatians ."

9.So here we are in " 102 Dalmatians ."

10.Why do dalmatians run for cover every time they see her?

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a large breed having a smooth white coat with black or brown spots; originated in Dalmatia
Synonyms: coach dog, carriage dog,

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