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damp air sentence in Hindi

"damp air" meaning in Hindi
  • Gusts of cool, damp air made club selection difficult in the morning.
  • From May to July damp air blows landward bringing a cold foggy drizzle.
  • Clouds will increase in northern Washington as onshore winds draw damp air inland.
  • Open windows for cross-ventilation to get that damp air moving out.
  • Fungi spread by the action of cold damp air currents.
  • The damp air is fragrant with the camphor-like scent of quintillions of crushed leaves.
  • Most fogs form when damp air is cooled to saturation.
  • The wrestling room was hot and the damp air smelled like 4, 000 old sweat socks.
  • As the damp air is lifted and chilled, locally heavy snow will occur in the Cascades.
  • Otherwise, the interior Southeast will have periods of rain and drizzle in the mild, damp air.
  • It slowly turns to mirabilite in damp air.
  • Even with a pigeon-gray mist hugging the damp air, there was a current of excitement and anticipation.
  • Soft voices in the cold, damp air.
  • A lone figure scurries through the thick, damp air that blurs the cityscape and obscures the horizon.
  • The damp air made consistent play difficult.
  • As the damp air ascends the sloping terrain, heavy snow is likely in the Big Horn mountains.
  • As the eastward-bound damp air ascends the Cascades, heavy snow will fall near and above pass level.
  • Exhaust fans are effective in pulling out the damp air, but they could cause backdrafting in some homes.
  • A cool, damp air current from the North Atlantic will keep much of New England near 70 degrees.
  • When temperatures drop below freezing in September and October, the damp air also causes accumulations of hoar frost.
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