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damozel sentence in Hindi

"damozel" meaning in Hindi
  • Or, as a " dissembling damozel of distortion "?
  • He believes he has met a damozel in distress when he sees the distraught Mrs Merrythought.
  • The poem describes the damozel observing her lover from heaven, and her unfulfilled yearning for their reunion in heaven.
  • In 1871, Graham commissioned the " The Blessed Damozel " ( 1871 ) from Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
  • By age 16, Whitaker was a " free-spirited artist . " Piedmont Bohemian George Sterling called her " the Blessed Damozel ."
  • Mollie Hardwick ( author of " Upstairs, Downstairs " ) wrote a mystery novel entitled " The Dreaming Damozel " in 1990.
  • While on The Little Damozel " and " Kindling ", then again toured with revivals before retiring in September 1920 to start a family.
  • Rossetti's own poem, " The Blessed Damozel ", was an imitation of Keats, and he believed Hunt might share his artistic and literary ideals.
  • The San Antonio Museum of Art is home to two of her works, " Blessed Damozel " and " Fountain Figure of a Water Nymph ."
  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti wrote several, including " Jenny " and " The Blessed Damozel "; Christina Rossetti wrote a number, including " The Convent Threshold ."
  • Called " the Blessed Damozel " by George Sterling and photographed here by Laura Adams Armer, Elsie Whitaker served as a " muse " for the Bohemians of Piedmont, and would marry Xavier Martinez.
  • "The Blessed Damozel " is a poem of love and longing written by ( a ) Ralph Hodgson; ( b ) Dante Gabriel Rossetti; ( c ) Algernon Charles Swinburne; ( d ) Oscar Wilde.
  • Soon after Leyland acquired his first Rossetti painting, he and Rossetti explored the idea of a Rossetti triptych, which was eventually formed with " Mnemosyne ", " The Blessed Damozel ", and " Proserpine ".
  • "The blessed damozel leaned out From the gold bar of Heaven; Her eyes were deeper than the depth Of waters stilled at even; She had three lilies in her hand, And the stars in her hair were seven . "
  • Alfred Tennyson wrote ( a ) " Locksley Hall; " ( b ) " The Blessed Damozel; " ( c ) " Resolution and Independence; " ( d ) all of the above; ( e ) none of the above.
  • Soon after Leyland acquired his first Rossetti painting, he and Rossetti explored the idea of a Rossetti triptych, which was eventually formed with " Mnemosyne ", an 1879 replica of " The Blessed Damozel " painted by Rossetti himself, and " Proserpine ".
  • Then'the peace of a thousand years may be theirs in Limbo'. . . . The coming of this desire, which shall ultimately free, or banish the soul to ages of'utter vanishment'is depicted in'The Damozel of Doom' a poem worthy of the genius of Poe ."
  • He only illustrated for a very brief period between 1896 and 1898, but contributed greatly to this form of art  his decorative vignettes seen in " The Fall of the Nibelungs ", " Isabella, or the Pot of Basil " and " The Blessed Damozel " owe much to Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts Movement motifs.
  • For the first issue of the brotherhood's magazine, " The Germ ", published early in 1850, Rossetti contributed a poem, " The Blessed Damozel ", and a story about a fictional early Italian artist inspired by a vision of a woman who bids him combine the human and the divine in his art.
  • Katherine Hale, reviewing Macinnes's first book in " The Mail and Empire ", pronounced that " the best poem is'The Damozel of Doom,'an eerie, dreamlike, passionate piece, suggested by the teaching of old Tao, who believed that there are regions where dead souls may be awakened by desires so strong that they are drawn outward again to Earth, where, through finer desires, they again pass into Paradise.
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